Renting An Office In Japan Seminar with Corey Nedz of Jump Start Abroad

Being a foreigner and starting a business in Japan can be quite tricky. Getting funding, looking for people, and setting up your office are just some of the challenges you will have to go through before you can finally establish your startup. Renting an office in Japan can be quite difficult and demanding depending on the kind of business you’re doing and the requirements you’re looking for for an office rental. Having proper guidance and information in looking for office rentals in Japan is definitely the way to go especially if you are a foreigner and relatively new in the country. We invited Corey Nedz, the owner of Jump Start Abroad — a real-estate company that facilitates foreign-friendly real estate transactions in Japan, to answer your questions about renting an office in Japan. In this seminar, he answers the three major topics that many foreigners and business owners want to know about renting an office in Japan.

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