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Tyson Batino, a successful CEO in Japan and practitioner of the Mochary Method, specializes in dynamic coaching for startup CEOs and corporate executives. Focused on innovative leadership and sustainable self-growth, his approach guides leaders to enhance their organizations effectively.

Framework & Process Creation

Business Planning

Finding Root Causes & Solutions

Accountability Coaching


Employs the Mochary Method

What You Will Learn


Framework Creation

In the executive coaching session, Tyson plans to develop a structure that enables you to view and analyze your challenges from various perspectives that may not have been explored before. This will address upcoming issues associated with the present problem.


Business Planning

Startups often struggle to achieve substantial annual growth due to a lack of a solid business plan. Many of Tyson's clients, both in Japan and abroad, can benefit from improving their foresight and execution skills. His aim is to turn your goals and plans to reality.


Finding Root Causes & Solutions

In the executive coaching session, Tyson will have the opportunity to articulate the most pressing requirement in a friendly manner. He will pinpoint the core issue or desired scenario, followed by the formulation of an action plan to accomplish the identified needs.

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Accountability Coaching

Tyson will establish a business scorecard incorporating the essential KPIs and sub-KPIs linked to the annual objectives. Performance evaluations will be conducted bi-monthly to assess whether Tyson is on track, offering guidance in case of any deviations from the target.

What Ten Clients Say About Tyson's Work


David Chandler, CEO & Founder ABCDavids

"Tyson really helped me to understand my business better, become a better leader, organize myself better, and improve my delegation skills by trusting my team more and guiding them to execute well."

Dustin Ikeda, CFO & Founder Hashi Media

"Tyson has a lot of practical entrepreneur experience in the Japanese market. He was able to identify company growth challenges and potential future problems and save me months and months."

Lawrence Hong, Founder AES English School

"I've been running an English school in Japan for almost 10 years. I've been working with Scaling your Company for only about 6 months, but we've seen huge improvements in not just the front end of our company, but the back end as well."

Tia, Founder of Toptia

"Tyson was just super helpful, very informative of all the behind-the-scenes tricks, tools, habits, that I could take on for really growing my business and really just growing my reach online and in-person. I feel very confident about some of the habits I’ve learned under Tyson’s tutelage. And I’m really excited to really let others know how invaluable Tyson is. Really reach out to him, and give him a try. He is worth every yen."

Japan Country Manager at a Global Corp.

"Tyson helped me organize the variety of communication challenges with Japanese team members into categories that we could solve one by one."

Dimitri Shimaniuk, Director Enjin Media K.K

"We've been working with Tyson and Scaling your Company for a few years now, and our digital presence and processes have improved drastically."

Fumiko Yoshida, COO of Tricolage

"Tyson has supported us in various ways in our business. Through Tyson's introduction, we have hired new staff and improved the way we pitch potential customers. In addition, Tyson has answered all questions related to improving the business model and contributed greatly to our business growth." (Translated from Japanese using AI)

Samuel Martinelli, Founder of Stealth Mode

"Tyson has been advising me for a few months now about how to develop and sale my product for the Japanese market. His services have proved extremely valuable. His knowledge about the local market has been very helpful to say the least. He was also able to make introduction to local VCs and other business owners. I highly recommend Scaling Your Company to startup owners looking to localize/start in Japan."

Yuuji Kobayashi, Founder of MyCube Gym

"I was introduced to 'Scaling Your Company' by an acquaintance. Initially, I was a bit concerned because it's conducted by foreigners and I wasn't confident in my English skills. However, it turned out that it's perfectly fine to use Japanese, and the person in charge was very polite, making the meetings progress very smoothly." (Translated from Japanese with AI)

Shimpei Wakana, Founder of Match.Points Accounting

"We are so glad with the results we have seen with Scaling Your Company. They helped us build our website and connect to their large audience of foreign business owners. We only had 2 foreign clients in about 1 year, but we have gained 2 new foreign clients in 2 months. They not only helped us with the website, but improve our sales process to foreigners."

What Is The Mochary Method And Who Uses It?

Tyson Batino leverages the Mochary Method to elevate his leadership prowess to unparalleled heights. The "Mochary Method" promotes key principles for business success. It emphasizes mastering fundamentals of business etiquette, prioritizing relationships through active listening, optimizing time management, making effective decisions, initiating gradual change for team success, and more. Practical application of these principles is crucial for tangible business outcomes. Who uses this method?

Tyson Batino, CEO of Scaling Your Company

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI

Justin Khan, CEO of Twitch

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase

Stephanie Ping, CEO of WORQ

Raval Navikant, CEO of AngelList


One Session Monthly


  • Access to lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • 1-on-1 session (60 mins)
  • Session with Tyson

Two Sessions Monthly


  • Access to lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • Up to 2 people in one session
  • Sessions with Tyson

Unlock Your Potential With Tyson

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Tyson specializes in guiding businesses through tailored coaching (with the Mochary Method), fostering growth, innovation, and strategic development. With a keen understanding of the local market, Tyson provides personalized support to navigate challenges, set clear goals, and achieve success. Join Tyson in transforming your startup or company, unlocking its full potential in the dynamic business landscape of Japan.

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