Tyson Batino's University Lectures

Tyson Batino is not only a leader in the business world but also a respected university lecturer. Known for his innovative strategies, he bridges the gap between theory and practical application, sharing valuable insights with aspiring professionals and contributing to the development of future leaders in Japan.

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University Lectures

Tyson Batino has delivered captivating lectures at esteemed Japanese universities, graciously sharing his wealth of expertise with the aspiring leaders of tomorrow.


Toyo University

On November 21st, 2022, Tyson delivered an engaging remote lecture at Toyo University titled "From Social Sciences Major to Serial Entrepreneur," providing valuable knowledge and inspiring a diverse audience.

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Hokkaido University

On October 21st, 2022, Tyson presented an engaging lecture at Hokkaido University titled "From Social Sciences Major to Serial Entrepreneur," offering a captivating journey through his experiences and insights.

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"I learned many things from this presentation and from the Q&A session. The thing that I impressed me was that I realized that many people do not choose to start a business because of the difficulties they face in the beginning stage. However, it is because we take risks that we get results. I am an economics major, so I understand this very well. I thought that if we want to be successful in leaning to start a business, it is important to try it in one place first, and if we are successful after a little time, try it in another place. I also thought that if we don't succeed in the first place, it is because the environment was bad, and by trying in another place, the possibility of success will arise. I would like to work for a company for a number of years, and then use the assets I had accumulated to start my own business. Therefore, I found many things helpful in that talk. I realized that by making effective use of my time at university, it will become as a guidepost for future entrepreneurship."

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Toyo University

"I think it is a very hard and courageous thing about starting a business. I think that starting everything from scratch is a lot more difficult than it seems, in terms of effort and finance. However, the moment when you achieve your goals and share the joy of starting a business with your colleagues is probably a feeling that only those who have started a business can understand. It is a feeling and a privilege that the person can feel. I also agree that action is what is needed when starting a business. I personally believe that actions are more reliable than words, and I think they express a person's personality better. I long for the experience of other people being influenced by someone who takes action, becoming friends and accomplishing big initiatives. However, standing in front of others and leading them involves tension and responsibility. But I have learnt today that this is normal and very natural. I sometimes worry that I am the only one who gets nervous at the slightest thing, but I believe that one day I will be able to overcome this."

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Toyo University

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