Tyson Batino.
3x Entrepreneur. CEO of Scaling Your Company.

Tyson Batino, CEO of Scaling Your Company, assists small businesses and startups in scaling their operations in Japanese and English markets through upgrades in product, marketing, sales, and operations. He also takes on corporate projects and hosts the popular Scaling Japan podcast!

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Tyson Batino's Work

CEO of Scaling Your Company

Tyson Batino, CEO of Scaling Your Company, helps entrepreneurs increase annual revenue from six to eight figures. His services include product advising, B2B/B2C digital marketing, sales, recruitment, and large-scale employee management. Tyson also optimizes recruitment programs for eight-figure and billion-dollar companies.

Past Roles Held by Tyson Batino

  • Co-Founder and Director at Japan Switch (2019 – 2022)
  • Co-founder and Head of HR at One Coin English (2014 – 2019), and Head of Operations and Process in 2022
  • Assistant HR Manager and Training at Interac (2010 – 2013)

Japan Market Entry & Startup Mentor

Tyson Batino, a resident mentor for Founder Institute Korea and the 500 Global Japan Market Entry program twice, has advised major corporations like DAZN and OSF Digital on the Japanese market.

Business Speaker

Tyson Batino has been invited by reputable organizations such as MIPRO, Hokkaido University, Tokai University, Founder Institute, and 500 Global to speak about entrepreneurship in Japan. He has also served as a host for discussions on AI, management, and marketing for organizations like 500 Global, Takeoff Tokyo, and Hokkaido Innovation Week.

Podcast Host

With over 60 episodes produced, "Scaling Japan Podcast with Tyson Batino" has emerged as a popular choice among entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners seeking to expand their ventures in Japan. The podcast features notable guests such as Tim Romero, Nalin Advani, and Miho Tanaka, representatives from Kobe, Sapporo, Aichi, and Fukuoka, as well as venture capitalists from MUFG and Incubate Fund.

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Why Choose Tyson?

Tyson Batino is a CEO with extensive industry experience who offers clients a strategic vision and tailored marketing solutions for success in the dynamic Japanese business landscape.



12 years of hands-on experience in the Japanese market.

Brand Spark, boasting 12 years of practical experience, serves as a reliable consultant proficient in managing, training, and expanding Japanese teams. Additionally, it possesses expertise in fostering the growth of both B2B and B2C businesses in the Japanese market.



40+ clients expressed satisfaction with Tyson's services.

Scaling Your Company, backed by a demonstrated history of success, has effectively met the scaling needs of over 40 clients, accelerating their expansion not only in Japan but also in international markets, and we can help you as well!



Effective and hardworking content developer for businesses

Starting with 60,000 unique visitors for Japan Switch & BFF Tokyo, Tyson Batino's expertise has elevated it to the second most popular podcast for business and startups in Japan, demonstrating his ability to cater to audience interests.


"Tyson has really helped me grow as a business owner and gives me valuable advice about managing my employees, industry trends, business planning, and more. He has a wealth of experience and connections in Japan. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I highly recommend you take it!"


Co-Founder of Hashi Media

"I’ve been working with Scaling your Company for only about 6 months, but we’ve seen huge improvements in not just the front end of our company, but the back end as well... Scaling your Company is a vital part in taking our company from a single location and small staff to multiple locations with a large team."

CEO of AES Language School

"Tyson has helped me improved my communication skills while effeciently guiding my growth. I always learn something new each session. This experience continues to be one of the best investments of my career."

"Tyson has helped me make the jump from a high performer teacher to a solid junior manager. It was tough transition from peer to manager but Tyson helped me understand my role and lead a team effectively."


TJ Conde
Manager at ABCDavids

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Tim Yelland
Manager at Cambridge English

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