Tyson Batino's Story

Tyson Batino's remarkable journey, marked by resilience and strategic acumen, unfolded into a captivating success story, ultimately propelling him to the helm of a prolific company as its accomplished CEO.

Tyson's Story


Arriving to Japan

Tyson Batino arrived in Japan in 2004 with a defined two-year plan to accumulate savings and subsequently pursue graduate studies with aspirations of becoming a therapist. Fast forward to 2023, and Tyson has spent nearly two decades in the country. Initially, he delved into English teaching, later intertwining his psychology background into HR and marketing positions, ultimately emerging as a thriving entrepreneur.



Learning Japanese

Regarded as a Japanese language acquisition expert, Tyson Batino achieved an N2 proficiency level after three years of self-study while working in Japan. Subsequently, he attained the highest N1 level after an additional 3.5 years of focused study. To bridge the gap from N2 to N1, Tyson enrolled in a full-time Japanese language school for nine months, achieving fluency during a time when few Westerners did. His goal is to share insights and strategies through articles on Japanese listening, reading, kanji, and speaking, blending technology and essential aspects like mindset.



HR Manager Experience

Following Tyson Batino's success in the Japanese language exam, he considered a career in translation, a seemingly natural progression after mastering the language. However, he realized he lacked the nuanced skill set required to excel in translation. Concurrently, Tyson's then-girlfriend (now wife) secured a job in Yokohama, prompting their move to Tokyo.

Despite applying for various headhunter and corporate positions, Tyson faced consistent rejections due to his limited experience, age, and demeanor—receiving constant refusals from all 10 applications. Faced with financial obligations, Tyson returned to teaching, securing a full-time substitute teaching position at INTERAC. Fortunately, within three months, he earned a promotion to HR Assistant Manager and Trainer due to a vacant position—a fortuitous turn of events.

The three years spent in the role proved to be the most challenging phase of Tyson's career, transitioning from an entry-level employee to a competent manager and leader. Recognizing the scarcity of skills development for managers, he dedicated himself to extensive self-reflection, video learning on platforms like YouTube, and actively seeking feedback. Working overtime, Tyson studied HR rigorously to gain expertise as both a manager and an employee in a Japanese company. Leading a team of 150 full-time employees in Yokohama, they achieved significant milestones.



Scaling Your Company

Scaling Your Company was founded by Tyson Batino. It is a venture dedicated to aiding small businesses and startups in expanding their presence in both Japanese and English-speaking markets. The organization concentrates on improving products, marketing strategies, sales initiatives, and operational processes to facilitate sustained growth. Tyson Batino has been serving as the CEO of this venture since its establishment.


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Tyson Batino's diverse professional journey, encompassing language acquisition, management, and entrepreneurial ventures, positions him as an invaluable business partner, bringing a unique blend of linguistic expertise, managerial acumen, and entrepreneurial insight to any collaborative endeavor.

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