Companies Founded by Tyson Batino

Explore Tyson Batino's history of success as a CEO in Japan. His extraordinary talent for founding and leading successful companies is a testament to his strategic prowess and innovation. Witness the impact of his visionary leadership in the dynamic world of Japanese entrepreneurship.

Business Ventures Established by Tyson Batino


Scaling Your Company

In 2021, Tyson Batino established Scaling Your Company, a venture aimed at assisting small businesses and startups in expanding their operations in Japanese and English-speaking markets.

The organization focuses on enhancing products, marketing strategies, sales efforts, and operational processes to facilitate growth.

Since 2021, Tyson Batino has held the position of CEO at this venture.

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One Coin English

In August 2014, Tyson Batino, Yuuki Kojima, and Souhei Nakamura established One Coin English.

The organization offers cost-effective English lessons to adults in Japan, both through physical facilities in Yokohama and Tokyo, as well as online platforms.

Tyson played various roles within the company, serving as a board member and planning department member from 2014 to 2022, HR Director from 2014 to 2019, and Operations Director from 2021 to 2022.

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Japan Switch

Founded by Tyson Batino in 2018, Japan Switch emerged from a partnership between Coto Language Academy and One Coin English.

The initiative aims to offer an affordable alternative for foreigners in Tokyo seeking Japanese lessons without committing to intensive programs.

The lessons cater to beginner to low-intermediate-level learners. Providing a supportive community for those who wish to learn!

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