Tyson Batino's Professional History

Tyson Batino's illustrious work history in Japan, marked by his strategic leadership and adept management skills, not only reflects his remarkable achievements as a CEO but also serves as a rich source of experience that uniquely positions him to coach businesses with cultural sensitivity and a deep understanding of the nuances of the Japanese market.

Work History

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Executive Coach (2021 - Present)

Following Tyson Batino's departure from One Coin English and his shift to Japan to fulfill his family's relocation request to Hokkaido, he transitioned into the role of an executive coach. His focus lies in assisting small and medium business CEOs, startups, and directors in the APAC region to enhance their operational efficiency and effectively manage their teams. Through coaching sessions, he aids executives and their leadership teams in honing their skills in management, operations, marketing, product development, and sales. He also offers practical advice and guidance on decision-making and organizational priorities.


Company CEO (2019 - Present)

While not holding the CEO title officially, Tyson Batino functioned as the de facto CEO of Japan Switch, a Japanese language learning service affiliated with One Coin English ワンコイングリッシュ and their business partner. In this role, he formulated revenue targets and devised the corresponding strategies for achievement. His performance exceeded the expectations of both companies, earning trust from the CEOs of both corporations to lead this subsidiary/joint venture. Currently, he serves as the CEO of Scaling Your Company, a venture initiated in 2021 during his tenure at One Coin English and pursued full-time since April 2022.

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Digital Marketer (2019 - Present)

Given the task of growing a new subsidiary solely through digital marketing, Tyson Batino initially focused on Facebook ads, successfully scaling the business to 4 million MRR within a year, and targeting a niche foreign community in Japan. Subsequently, he extended his expertise to enhance SEO, attracting 60,000 unique visitors (50% from Japan) and building an email list with 18,000 members. Upon departing Japan Switch in 2022, he established the popular Scaling Japan Podcast, becoming a LinkedIn influencer with over 2500 followers, and cultivating an email list of 1500 business professionals in Japan.


Director of Operations

From 2021 to 2022, Tyson Batino oversaw the Internal Operations department at One Coin English. In this role, he spearheaded the development of new processes across more than 10 departments, managing a team of 2.5 full-time staff members, all proficient in Japanese. Any proposed process had to undergo scrutiny within his department, requiring his team to comprehend the specific requirements and circumstances before crafting the procedure. His primary objective was to generate monthly value exceeding 1.5 million yen through cost reduction or increased sales to offset the HR costs associated with his team.

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HR Director

Serving as the HR Director at One Coin English from 2014 to 2019, Tyson Batino oversaw the recruitment, hiring, management, and training of personnel such as English school teachers, managers, recruiters, and training staff. In addition to these responsibilities, he played a crucial role in managing visa sponsorship, implementing performance evaluation systems, and ensuring the smooth operation of general HR practices within the company. He successfully hired over 1000 teachers, demonstrating a cost-effective approach by allocating a mere 80,000 yen for recruiter fees and website-building software.

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HR Trainer

Between 2010 and 2013, Tyson Batino served as an HR Assistant Manager and trainer for Interac Japan at the Yokohama Branch. In this capacity, he oversaw 150 full-time elementary teachers, specifically catering to Interac's largest client, Yokohama City. Even more impressively, he significantly improved employee satisfaction with the company, elevating it from 2.2 to 3.8 on a 5-point scale within just one year. Additionally, he led comprehensive training and onboarding sessions for new hires, lasting a full week and accommodating up to 50 employees, with the support of a two-person training team.

Work With Tyson Batino

Tyson Batino's extensive work experience, marked by a proven track record of successfully scaling businesses in his previous roles, makes him an invaluable partner to collaborate with as we seek to expand and grow our own business.

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